Troubleshooting To Access

If you keep getting redirected back to it is because we have used that site to direct traffic on the web for over 20 years.

If you’ve ever visited or clicked in the past – and you most likely have in those twenty years – your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.) will “record” and remember that action and redirect your click back to
Here is the Fix so you can connect with me and have access to my latest Bogs and Podcasts on

Please Follow These Simple Instructions – it’s easy.

First, you need to refresh/clear your browser’s cache. Here’s how to do that. This link will walk you through the process.

After your browser’s cache is clear, you’ll be able to join me at I’m so excited!

You can also try a different browser or type into the browser at the top left of your screen.

If that still doesn’t work, send up an energy flare! Or you can contact Deborah, Laura’s web maven, at